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Visualization is a method used to help people achieve their desired outcomes. The purpose is to obtain something in the future by imagining that you already have it now. Before anything is created it’s a simple thought first. By visualizing your desires you’re one step closer to achieving them. 

Returning to your past is part of the Reunite with You journey, so when you utilize a visualization you aren’t just envisioning the future. The goal is to remember your genuine sense of self and bring it into the present moment. From there, picture or feel how you can integrate your identity so that it follows you into the future.

Person's bare feet on the grass

Before you begin this grounding visualization, find a place to physically connect with the ground. The ideal location would be a spot outside, as long as there’s suitable weather and you’re in an area where you can be outdoors. If not, don’t worry! It’s perfectly possible to practice indoors. The main requirement is that your feet touch the ground. 

Once you’ve found your place, take off any footwear and socks. You can stand, sit down, or be seated in a chair. Just make sure that your bare feet can feel the ground beneath you. Now, start to slow down your breathing as you prepare to connect with your, and the Earth’s, energy.


Continue to slow down your breath until you find a pattern that supports and comforts you. This should be a place where each breath flows in and out of your body with ease. No pushing, no holding, and no tension. Imagine your next breath becoming easier and deeper -quenching your body’s thirst for air. Once you reach this pattern, try to retain it for the rest of the visualization. 

As you inhale, bring your awareness to the air entering your body. Envision the air expanding up through your stomach, traveling past your throat, and into the top of your head. Feel the air lifting and pulling you up, compelling you to grow taller. Allow your entire upper body to become as light as a feather. Where each deep breath in fills you like a buoyant balloon. You’re so filled with air, you might just float away. 

Now focus on your body as you breathe out. Notice how your body deflates, becomes heavy, and feels empty as the air leaves. But all that rises must fall, so lean into this moment. Don’t fear or ignore this sensation. Instead, envision your exhale bringing you back down to earth. Connecting you to the ground beneath your feet. Imagine the same energy that raised you up now traveling down through your body and shooting through the bottoms of your feet.


With each breath you take, visualize the energy moving up and down your body. Feel it wanting to escape through your head, but see how it must return back to the earth. Let this rhythmic flow grow stronger and deeper as you become more connected to your breath. Before long the flow should take on a life of its own. This is when you no longer have to think, you just do.

Wherever you are, indoors or outdoors, sitting or standing, you are always being supported by the earth beneath you. Take a moment to recognize and appreciate this relationship. It’s an ever-present connection that we take for granted. So when you are grounding, it’s essential to really feel the ground.

Before you finish, bring your awareness to your feet and visualize what’s beneath you. Travel deep down inside of the Earth. Go past the grass, soil, and rock until you reach the molten core. Now feel the heat circulating and radiating. It’s part of the energy that Earth is constantly releasing. Imagine that energy traveling up to the surface to meet you at your feet. Then breathe the energy into your body and let it electrify and empower you.


Use this grounding visualization whenever you need to find your center, connect to the moment, or rebalance your energy. The earth is always there to support us -literally and figuratively. Once you see that we all share the same energy, you can lean on and borrow the Earth’s energy any time you need it.

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