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“Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.” – Albert Einstein

What is energy? How does it transform?

In scientific terms, energy is the power to perform an action. We fuel up on energy every day by sleeping and eating so that we can use the energy to complete our daily jobs and tasks. And we all respond differently when we’re running low on energy. Some of us become irritable, hangry, or lethargic. But no matter how we react, we all feel the side-effects when there’s not enough energy to get us through the day. Energy is what sustains us and keeps us up and going -without it we couldn’t survive.

Yet what exactly is energy? It’s something that our bodies create as well as something that exists outside of us. It’s also what runs through power lines and machines in factories. It can be harnessed through wind and water. And it’s what the sun gives to all living things in order for them to sustain and grow. Essentially, everything is energy. But if energy can’t be created or destroyed, then how does anything new come into existence?


It’s not that new things can’t come to exist, it’s that the energy needed to create it has always been there. Since energy can’t be created or destroyed the same amount has always existed. So anything that uses energy must take it from somewhere else, thus transforming it. The energy from the sun becomes the fruit we eat, then the movement in our feet.

Energy is something that we share. We use what we need to sustain ourselves and save some extra for later. Yet when we create too much energy our bodies instinctively know to release it. Some people express their excess energy by running or dancing, while others use it to cause pain or destruction. But no matter how we express it, our bodies are constantly working to balance the energy -achieve an equilibrium.

Yet there’s more to energy than just the physical aspect -it’s also subjective. So when our energy changes from a physical to an emotional state, what’s the purpose of the transformation? Can we control how our energy is expressed and accepted?


Energy is neutral, thus it can’t be considered good or bad. A hurricane is an example of a release of built up energy in the atmosphere, but it’s not “bad” because it doesn’t know why it’s doing it. It’s simply acting on its unbiased nature. Energy itself can’t be judged as good or bad, but how we use energy can be deemed positive or negative.

Our emotions carry a lot of energy, so how we choose to express them affects more than just us. When we’re upset with or angry at someone in the same room as us, but we have to pretend like nothing’s wrong, it’s obvious to everyone else in the room. Most of us can sense when there’s tension in the air. Of course it can be displayed through body language or tone of voice, but we can’t dismiss that there’s a palpable awareness of negative emotional energy.

So when we feel any type of emotion -positive or negative- we can choose to transform the energy behind it and create a positive use for it. Since anything we think, do, believe, or express is tied to an emotional response, if we can transform our emotional energy then we can control and balance our energy. It all depends on the amount and type of energy we invest into something. Then we can decide to respond to negative situations with a positive response, thus transforming our energy -and the situation.

How we react and respond to life determines the result. Once we learn to control our energy, we’ve essentially learned how to recreate and positively influence the world around us.

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