Yin and Yang


“True communication is communion – the realization of oneness, which is love.”The Power of Now

Are we out of balance?

There are many balancing forces in the world. Light and dark, up and down, hot and cold to name a few. At first they may appear to be opposing elements, but they’re actually complementary and connected. Without two sides of the same coin, the coin couldn’t exist.

This idea is better known as “yin and yang”. It’s symbolized as a circle split into two halves but with a piece of each in the other half. And in every depiction the two sides are equal, yet opposite. This shows how both sides must always be in balance with one another. If not, then there’s disparity and inequality. Imagine if the sun never rose, gravity disappeared, or water couldn’t freeze. Our view of the world would turn upside down because what was balanced is now unstable and unpredictable.

When complementary forces become unwillingly unbalanced a sense of injustice begins to grow. What was once a fair give-and-take dynamic has been replaced with a bias for one side over the other. Once this occurs the struggle to correct the equilibrium begins. Especially if it was done by force and not by chance.


The same yin-yang principle applies to men and women -masculine and feminine energy. We’re all born with varying levels of estrogen and testosterone. These are the hormones associated with being female or male, yet we all have both. It’s necessary to look past the barriers of sex and gender in order to realize that no matter who we’re born as, we all possess energy that’s both masculine and feminine.

Some people are more aware of and tuned into the connection between them. While others are set in the formal, scientific definition of gender. And there are some who fall in-between. But we all should challenge ourselves to look beyond the physicality of gender in order to see the underlying energetic connection.

Like the other opposing forces in the world, we need to find the balance between the feminine and masculine energies within us. If we don’t, we’ll continue to feel unease and irritability. Especially when discussing gender norms and expectations.


Just as we have to balance the feminine and masculine inside ourselves, we must balance the feminine and masculine energy in the world. These two forces of energy have been used to define and divide us since the beginning of time. From the moment we saw each other as male and female, we decided that we are not the same. We’re different thus unequal. We didn’t, or couldn’t, feel how connected our energies actually are -that we are equals.

Throughout time there’s been a struggle for which gender should “dominate” over the other. There were a few periods many centuries ago when women were respected queens and rulers in certain parts of the world. But since the dawn of time and over the past millennium it’s been men and masculine energy that’s monopolized the world.

Yet we’re living in a world today that’s growing and evolving. We’re opening our minds to new ways of experiencing life and how we express ourselves. A part of that growth is to rebalance and realign the male and female partnership. A beneficial byproduct of the “Me Too” movement has been to strengthen the feminine energy that’s been overpowered and suppressed for too long. But in order to find the balance there needs to be some overcompensation.


When anything loses its balance it wobbles to one side and then the other before finally finding its center. We are now experiencing the wobble towards feminine energy. While there’s been momentum, we still have a long way to go. This realignment process needs to be fully appreciated and accepted by all so that we can find the true center -somewhere society has never been before. It’s up to all of us to tune into and respect both feminine and masculine energies so that we can achieve balance and equality once and for all.

Red and white candles shaped in the yin and yang symbol

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