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List for Growth

In order to change and grow into your true self, you must look first at what’s holding you back. Many times it’s your own fears and insecurities that keep you from progressing. If you don’t recognize or acknowledge your shortcomings, then others can use them to their advantage. So the more you learn about yourself, the less power others can hold over you. Thus, the more empowered you become.

Take time to make a list for personal growth which includes your faults, flaws, fears, and insecurities. These can be beliefs, behaviors, coping mechanisms, personality traits, and more. Write down qualities that you don’t like about yourself or negatively impact your life (see example list below).

By admitting your shortcomings you’ve taken your power back. Now they can no longer negatively impact you -if you choose. Even if you change and grow there will always be aspects of yourself that “need work”. Yet you have the option to see them as a positive challenge instead of a negative inconvenience. Let this practice inspire you to confront your other side -the parts you tend to repress- and bring them into the light.

An example list of items that describe your flaws, shortcomings, and insecurities

Growth Exercise

Another way to embrace change is to externalize it and experience the ups and downs over time. A wonderful way to encounter change and growth is by taking care of something other than yourself. Becoming a bystander and observing change secondhand may be the catalyst you need to enact that change in yourself.

To participate in this exercise all you need is a plant. Make sure whatever plant you have or buy is conducive to growing in your home environment. Then tend to it and watch it change and grow!

As your plant grows, notice how parts of itself wilt and die away to make room for more life -and more growth. It’s your job to prune and help it survive, just as it’s your job to remove anything in yourself and your life that’s no longer helping you grow. Challenge yourself to see the similarities and obstacles between caring for your plant and yourself. Growth can only come through change, and to change you must learn to let go.

A hand holds a budding plant with 2 leaves

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  1. Just pruned the lemon tree we thought was dead and set it outside and ten days later…!wow little buds everywhere !

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