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“There is doubt, and doubt is not destroyed by believing. Doubt is destroyed by experiencing.” – The Book of Understanding

The journey to knowing who we are comes with a lot of doubting. So doubt what your parents taught you, doubt religion, doubt politics, and keep on doubting until you have found a sense of you.

This isn’t to say that we get rid of all of our beliefs. The purpose of doubting and questioning is meant to strip us away of everything we think we believe to come to realize and understand what we actually believe.


Why does it matter what we believe? Truthfully, it doesn’t matter what we believe, as long as we understand why we believe it. Since we are unique individuals, there’s not one person who will believe the exact same things as someone else.

Differences are normal and what define us. Yet if we speak against someone’s differing mindset without understanding why we think the way we do, there will never be a productive or civilized conversation.

This is where the dissonance lies. If we don’t understand ourselves and our own beliefs, then how can we ever hope to communicate those thoughts to others?


By rediscovering our beliefs we have decided who we want to be. We can let go of the thoughts and beliefs that we come to realize aren’t our own. They were taught to us, yet we can choose to unlearn them. Why hold onto ideas that no longer serve us and only get in our way? Shouldn’t we all aim to be our best selves – to learn and grow? 

The process of learning and growing is being able to accept that we don’t have all of the answers, but neither does anyone else. It isn’t up to anyone but ourselves to decide to take on this necessary step towards change, growth, and personal actualization. Once we discover who we are and who we want to be, then we can decide what we want out of life.

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