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List of Beliefs

Before you can contemplate or doubt your beliefs, you must uncover them first. Then you can figure out why you have them and what purpose they serve. Do they protect you or keep you from change and growth? Were they taught to you or did you decide? Are they still relevant or have you outgrown them? Once you’ve identified your belief system you can then choose what to keep, what to add, and what to let go.

Create your list of beliefs over the course of a day *beginner* or a week *advanced*. Begin with the beliefs you already know and add to your list as you think of them or as a situation reminds you of one. A great way to determine your beliefs is through disagreements or arguments with others. During these moments force yourself to stop and think, “Why do I think this way?”.

Your list of beliefs may change over the course of a month, a year, or a decade. Your life experiences constantly alter who you are, thus what you believe. What you believe is important, but not as essential as knowing why you believe it. Embrace the challenge of reuniting with your beliefs and becoming closer to who you want to be!

An example list of items that describe your beliefs

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