“The geography of your destiny is always clearer to the eye of your soul than to the intentions and the needs of your surface mind.” – Eternal Echoes

What is the soul? Does it unite us with something beyond what’s known?

Throughout our lives we’ve encountered various explanations of what it means to be human. Many of which include some aspect of having a soul. Whether it’s from religion, media, or everyday life we’ve heard examples like: if someone is a good person they must have a good soul, while a bad person has a misguided soul. Or no soul at all. Some think that we couldn’t exist without a soul. Others believe that without one we wouldn’t be our unique selves. While some claim we don’t have, or even need, a soul. Many of us question if it’s our soul that leaves when we die and if the soul reincarnates -or even survives at all.

We use these questions to decide what we believe the soul is and means to us, or if it impacts how we live our lives. Those who end up choosing to disregard their soul wind up ignoring the totality of who they are. If we’re truly mind, body, and spirit, then our soul is the spirit. It’s what connects us to what’s “after” and beyond. But even if we all have a soul, how can we know what its purpose is?


Before we can know the purpose of the soul it’s important to contemplate what it is and what it wants. There are numerous definitions to choose from, but perhaps the soul is simply the essence of who we are. It’s the part of us that once awakened allows us to truly feel alive. The soul isn’t necessarily responsible for our appearance, personality, hopes, and fears -the physical and emotional aspects of who we are. Instead, this “who we are” is what we’ve been trying to uncover throughout the process of reuniting with ourselves.

We can begin to understand that the soul is our inner spirit -our inner truth. It’s who we are at our core without external influences. We aren’t only comprised of human aspects but spiritual ones as well, and the soul is spirits home. When we connect with our inner spirit we’re able to discover our place in the world, thus the universe. What more could our soul’s purpose be than to guide us to our ultimate purpose?


We all have a choice in life, to be open-minded or closed-minded. A choice between believing that anything is possible versus believing we are stuck where we are. Those that choose to be open are able to experience and collaborate with life in any way they wish. But they also let others do the same and in their own way. So when we allow ourselves to listen to our inner spirit, isn’t it possible that we’re opening a door to something larger than ourselves?

If we allow our minds to be open, consider that if humans have souls then it’s likely that we all come from and are connected to the same source. For some this place is called heaven, but for others it’s a dimension that’s home to spirit. It’s here in the spiritual world that our souls originated. It is where we received our lessons, thus our purpose, for this life. This is what we connect with when we acknowledge the validity of our soul and inner spirit. By understanding and accepting who we are on a physical and spiritual level we’re able to unlock our full potential. We’re then free to create our own positive and mindful path in life.

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