Superhero visualization Superhero visualization Superhero visualization

Visualization is a method used to help people achieve their desired outcomes. The purpose is to obtain something in the future by imagining that you already have it now. Before anything is created it’s a simple thought first. By visualizing your desires you’re one step closer to achieving them. 

Returning to your past is part of the Reunite with You journey, so when you utilize a visualization you aren’t just envisioning the future. The goal is to remember your genuine sense of self and bring it into the present moment. From there, picture or feel how you can integrate your identity so that it follows you into the future.

A boy dressed in glasses and a garbage bag cape pointing his fist towards the sunny sky

What does being a superhero mean to you? Begin by imagining the qualities that make a superhero who they are. Is it their courage, strength, or special powers? Or the idea that they can do what no one else can and it’s up to them save the day?

Keep your image of the ideal superhero in mind as you think about yourself. Start to picture yourself as one of these classic superheroes. Don’t try to fit their exact mold, instead picture what makes you unique -where you get your strength from. Focus on all of your positive attributes and all of the good you contribute to your world. Use what makes you, you to create in your mind a superhero suit. What powers do you possess? What weaknesses do you need to protect? Envision yourself in whatever brings you inner strength and power.


Now that you’re dressed like a superhero it’s time to visualize acting as one. Envision yourself standing in your superhero power pose -a stance that gives you courage and confidence- in front of a place or people you need to defeat. Think about a situation in your life that’s holding you back, negatively impacting you, or a time when you couldn’t speak your truth. Begin to imagine yourself transforming into action mode where you can access the full potential of your gifts and powers. See yourself growing stronger and more confident as you prepare to take on your challengers. Hold onto this feeling, and the next time you encounter them try to embody this inner strength.

Use this visualization -your superhero persona- when you need a boost of courage to speak your mind, because your true superpower is your voice. The more you know how to use it, the stronger it will grow.

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