A mantra is any phrase or word that’s purpose is to help keep your mind focused and centered. Throughout the Reunite with You journey you’ll be given suggested mantras that are meant to enhance the related article and its meaning. 

To utilize a mantra, simply repeat the word or phrase to yourself out loud or in your mind. You can use it to remind yourself of what you’ve read or what you’re trying to learn. It can also be used to boost your self-confidence or when you have a moment of doubt. Mantras have the ability to distract you from your mind so that you can focus on the moment. You’re welcome to create your own individualized mantras as well. The more it resonates with you, the greater the effect.

"Show the next step" mantra over a blue watercolor background

We can never truly know what the future holds. The only thing we can control is how we feel in this stage and step in our journey. No matter where you are right now, you can only move forward towards a future you know nothing about. But in that uncertainty lies comfort. All you have to do is see your next step and take it.

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