“When you try to escape a problem you are escaping the solution also.” – The Book of Understanding

Why do we feel stuck in the stressors of society instead of searching for the causes to fix them?

Every generation has to learn how to deal with changes in the world. As society advances socially and technologically people have to follow suit. Otherwise they can be replaced by someone with a forward thinking mentality. So we do what we’re told -whether we agree or not- in order to make a living and provide for ourselves and our families. This system has worked in the past, but is it suitable for today’s society? Never before has a society lived in a world that’s so connected through travel and technology. It’s no wonder then that the challenges of current generations are quite different than what’s been previously experienced. So what is it that we’re struggling with?

It’s become too easy these days to see and feel the strain that exists in society. Whether we notice it in our everyday lives or not, it’s hard to ignore the news, media, and social networking sites which invade our lives constantly. There are continual negative barrages daily depicting everything from natural disasters to political ones. No matter where we live we’re all subjected to the same forms of negativity. There was a time when we could choose how and when to receive information. Now we can’t escape it and are suffering the consequences.


Every generation found a way to deal with the stressors of their time. But today’s youngest generations are growing up with their mistakes and vices on display. News articles focus on the over-medication and the rise of suicide rates in young adults, but what they should focus on is the why. Everyone suffers and deals with pain differently, but it seems as though the current movements from younger generations are focused on disparity. They recognize the difference between what they see in the world and what they want to see. This divide is only growing and it’s bringing pain and anguish to people. It’s difficult to live in a world that you don’t agree with, so how can we fix the imbalance?

The divide in the world between our expectations and reality can bring about frustration, anger, and stress. So we all find ways to cope. Society then becomes so focused on fixing the coping mechanisms that we neglect the problem all together. If we could all live our best lives in an ideal world then we wouldn’t need any vices to help us survive. But we know that will never be the case. So instead of being dragged down by our societal stress, we need to address the problem head on.


We must realize that it starts with us. We can choose to not let stress get to us because we have control over what we think, say, and do. If we’re dissatisfied with the current state of the world then what can we do to change it? It’s easier to stay mad and upset than it is to put those feelings aside. But if we want society to change then we must be that change. We can’t control anything other than ourselves. If we emulate what we wish to see, hopefully it inspires others to do the same. Then one day the change will come.

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