Foundational Challenge

You’ve got to have roots before you can grow branches. The following practices are designed to help you inspect your foundation to make sure you’re growing from seeds that you planted. You’re invited to spend some quality time with yourself, while also developing intra- and interpersonal skills for your daily life. Discover your true self through various exercises that will allow you to examine and establish new depths of you.

Objective Perspective

There are no facts of life, only individual observations. Your viewpoint comes from living your life; all of your thoughts, emotions, and experiences are solely subjective. So when you’re faced with opposition, externally or internally, you have a choice for how to react. These practices will help you create a constructive and receptive outlook that’ll provide you with the courage to respond compassionately.

Love and Relationships

Love stems from deeply rooted emotions that connect us with others. It doesn’t matter if it’s romantic, companionate, or familial love – love is love. These exercises allow you to explore the greater meaning behind your own experiences with love and relationships. Uncover the purpose of your emotions and heartbreak, and the ways they prepare you to find the quality of love you deserve.

Time Travel

Time is precious and fleeting, yet the reality of time is still overlooked. Do you find that your mind is prone to residing in the past, future, or alternative present -anywhere but the actual moment? The following practices focus on how you can better utilize your “mind travel” so that you can release future fears and relive past pleasures. Learn how your thoughts create your reality and choose to make the most of your time here and now.

Heading Home

The process of reuniting with yourself leads you home to the true you. While the destination is desired, it’s the journey that guides you to where, and who, you need to be. Utilize these practices to find inner balance and purposeful meaning in everyday life. Discover how your journey is connected to others and the ways in which we can enrich each other as we all find our own way home. 

Relative Reality

Your reality is subjective, just like art. So learn to live life like you’re looking at a painting. See all of the shapes, shadows, colors, and contrast to decide what it means for you. You have the ability to reframe your world and retrain your mind to experience the beauty in life. Use these practices to explore new aspects and experiences of life that can transform your take on what’s true to you.

Personal Power

Do you play an active part in your life? Or does the stress and struggle of societal life control you? What you might not realize is that you have the power to take back the control -and it lies inside of you. These practices ask you to become aware of and assess your emotional energy. Discover how to develop a mindset that utilizes every aspect of your internal instincts and use it to connect with your highest self.

Awareness to Actualization

Do you know or understand why you do what you do? Learning how to think before we speak and act is a developmental milestone. But it’s an ability that should keep developing and evolving as we do. These practices are aimed at re-learning this skill so that you can act in alignment with your best intentions and alter your reality step by step. From inner stillness comes conscious success.

"Never be afraid to reinvent yourself" quote painted on the side of a building