love and relationship quotes love and relationship quotes love and relationship quotes love and relationship quotes

“Love is not possible with the mind.”

The Book of Understanding

“Connecting with energy feels like excitement, then euphoria, and then love. Finding enough energy to maintain the state of love certainly helps the world, but it most directly helps us.”

The Celestine Prophecy

"In giving love we are most human and most vulnerable" quote

Eternal Echoes

“Emotions are a source of food.”

Bringers of the Dawn

“Emotions are distinctly human; emotion is the ability to imbue chi (energy that has no charge) with a purpose. The purpose is to express a feeling. Feelings are meant to be expressed [and] are as important as experiences; they steer our experiences and give them more depth.”

Waking Up in 5D

“True belonging has a trust and ease; it is not driven by desperation to lose yourself in it or the fear that you will lose it.” quote

Eternal Echoes

“Trusted, your feelings will lead you to psychological and spiritual states of mystic understanding, calm, and peacefulness. Followed, your emotions will lead you to deep understandings, but you cannot have a physical self without emotions any more than you can have a day without weather.”

The Nature of Personal Reality

“Your emotions are the key to the world around you; they “read” the field for you -faster and more accurately than the mind.”

Waking Up in 5D

“We are vulnerable to absence because we so deeply desire presence.” quote

Eternal Echoes

“The light that suffering brings is always a gift that it leaves as it departs.”

Eternal Echoes

“Your grief shows that you have risked opening up your life and giving your heart to someone. Your heart is broken with grief, because you have loved. When you love, you always risk pain. The more deeply you love, the greater the risk that you will be hurt. Yet to live your life without loving is not to have lived at all.”

Eternal Echoes

"The beauty of loss is the room it makes for something new." quote

Eternal Echoes

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