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List of Love

So far on your journey you’ve been courageous and vulnerable to address the parts of yourself considered to be weaknesses. Even though they don’t define you, it’s imperative to understand and accept them -just as you should acknowledge and appreciate your strengths. Now comes the time to look at all aspects of your life -externally and internally- to see how incredible and unique you are.

Allow yourself at least an hour *beginner* to a full day *advanced* to be alone with your thoughts and no external distractions. This time is being used to invest in yourself and your future. Use this as an opportunity to take a personal day -if you’re able- or a day off. Choose somewhere quiet and peaceful to go. Visit a park or a library, go for a walk, or even use a room where you live, just make sure you won’t be interrupted or distracted.

During this time alone make a list of everything you like about yourself. Think about all of the unique aspects, talents, and interests that make you who you are. Write down what you’re good at and what you see as your strengths, like what you contribute to your work, home, and personal life that no one else can. You can also use this time to list your dreams and goals for yourself. Whatever you choose, use this practice to focus your time and energy on you. Let your list of love remind you why it’s nice to spend some quality time with yourself once in a while.

An example list of items that describe your best and favorite attributes

Indulge in You

One of the hardest parts of this journey is finding time in the day to focus solely on you. Whether it’s at work or school, with friends or family, you most likely rarely have a moment completely to yourself. Or, when you are alone the time is used to decompress from the day -from life.

Inspired by “Treat Yo’ Self” from Parks and Recreation, this practice challenges you to spend a day alone doing whatever you want to do! Give yourself permission to do the things you never have time for or wouldn’t normally do on your own. Go see a movie, have lunch at your favorite restaurant, spend time on your hobby, or take a soothing bath. Allow yourself to indulge in what makes you happy!

This practice can be done the same day as your “List of Love”, or if you’re able to take another day for yourself -do it! You’ll have that much more appreciation for you. Once you’ve completed this practice you should have a new level of insight and awareness for what makes you a unique individual. Understanding your depths will help you in the upcoming process of obtaining and maintaining self-love.

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