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“All that you need to know now is inside of you.” Bringers of the Dawn

Why do we search outside of ourselves for answers to our personal problems?

As we grow up we quickly realize that there’s so much to learn and so little that we actually know. Thus we look to our parents, teachers, and those older than us in society for the answers to all of our questions. When we are children we’re naturally curious. We’re constantly making connections to form a framework of our world. We adapt to whatever is around us and discover ways to develop our perspective of the world. So in theory we should have all the tools we need to be our own problem solvers!

Yet in school we’re taught to find the answers in a book or online before bothering an adult. While it was up to us to determine what questions needed solving, we never really had to solve them ourselves. The problem with having so much information at our fingertips is that we never have to question anymore. We instantly know the answer. But what happens when the questions we have are about ourselves?


When we look outside of ourselves to find an answer about ourself, we’ll only be misled. And that’s because the only person who truly knows you -what you want, what you need, and what you will do for it- is you. Thus anytime we look to others to answer our questions or fix our problems we’ll never get what we really need. Only you can change yourself, so only your insight can guide you.

This isn’t to say that we shouldn’t ask others for help and get their advice. We can still benefit by learning from their mistakes or victories. But ultimately it’s only a secondary source of knowledge. Their answers will always be relative to their own circumstances. So the best way to answer our personal questions and solve our own problems is to take a closer look at our own lives.


Who do we see when we look into the mirror? Do we see ourselves as a curious child of the world, or do we see ourselves old and weathered by the world? How we look at ourselves and our circumstances can change how we label the problems in our lives. If we wake up each day and see the world as we did the day before, nothing will change or improve. And if we keep expecting someone else to show up with the answers, we’ll never come up with a solution on our own. If we see ourselves as limited, incapable, or doomed, then that’s what we become.

But when we connect with our inner knowing –personal power we can decide who we want to be and forge our own path fueled with our own answers. Instead of seeing our problems, frustrations, and negative events as something that needs to be fixed, we can learn to see them as room for growth. We don’t have to see the negativities of the world as something that’s being done to us. We can see everything in our lives as something that’s there for us.

While it might not seem like it, we do have a choice whether we see problems or solutions -questions or answers. We can choose to wake up each day with a sense of newness and openness to ourselves and the day that lies ahead. Once we trust that we have everything we need within us, then we’ll discover the answers that are meant just for us.

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