Into the Unknown


“There is a difference between trust and knowing. Trust implies the possibility that you might fail. Knowing is certain belief that your success is all there is.”Waking Up in 5D

Why are we afraid to take a leap of faith?

It’s a universal truth that we all face challenges. Each morning we wake up to a new day that’s filled with uncertainty. We have expectations for what will happen. Like going to school or work, having a mediocre lunch, or spending time at home with friends or family. But we can never be sure of anything.

Maybe our car gets a flat tire, we drop our lunch, or the electricity goes off at home. These minor events are still challenges that were unknown at the start of the day and have an effect on us. So perhaps we ended up taking the bus and caught up on a book, we went out to lunch with a co-worker instead and bonded, or we lit some candles and listened to relaxing music in the bathtub. What initially might have felt like a misfortune ended up being a pleasant surprise.

Challenges are opportunities to embrace the moment. While they might not always have an immediate positive effect, challenges are presented to us in many forms in order to help us grow. Yet many times when we’re faced with a decision that’s challenging we choose fear. We’ll never know what we could’ve experienced or what pleasant surprise was in store for us. So how can we choose when to accept our challenges?


It’s important to acknowledge and appreciate when we do have a choice and aren’t being forced into any decision. Many times our most challenging moments are because they’re unexpected and involuntary. But other times we’re stuck standing at the edge of a precipice, staring down a difficult decision, and deciding whether it’s safe or not to take the leap.

It could be deciding whether or not to accept a new job, end a relationship, or move to a new city. These are important life-altering decisions that we don’t have to make. If we ignored or declined the choice, our lives would continue as normal. But they are challenges we can choose to accept. Especially if it may improve our quality of life.

By staying in our comfort zone we’re depriving ourselves of personal growth and the many pleasant surprises of life. If we never take the leap into the unknown, we’ll never know if there was another, better path for our life. So what if we looked at these challenges of choice in the same way as unexpected ones?


When we’re faced with a challenging choice that has the possibility to produce more happiness and fulfillment in our lives, we need to seize it. We should weigh the pros and cons, but in the end we can’t allow our fear of change or the unknown deter us.

It’s during these times of indecision when we feel the emotional strain and question our every move. The closer we get to letting go, the more tightly we want to hold on. We cling onto familiarity and the safety of certainty. But nothing in life is certain. Challenges come at us whether we want them or not. So when we have the time to choose whether or not to make a crucial change, we can cultivate positivity and certainty.

By deciding to take a leap of faith we are putting trust in ourselves. These are the moments in life when we can be brave and know that what’s meant to be will be. That it will all turn out for the best in the end. The decision to change takes commitment -once we jump we can’t turn back. But when we place faith in ourselves and our decisions, we’re also putting trust in the outcome because we know that positive energy creates a positive effect. We must transform our fear into faith and know that wherever we land will be exactly where we need to be.

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