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into the unknown practice into the unknown practice

Choose Change

The only way to experience something new, better, or different in life is to actively choose change. If we continue the same routines in the same place with the same people, all we’ll get is more of the same. And to some extent, isn’t that what we’re all trying to escape? Because while there is comfort in sameness, there’s also stagnation. Once that happens, we aren’t really living anymore -we’re just existing.

So the purpose of this practice is to shake up life by placing ourselves in new situations. Then perhaps we’ll be motivated to enact more and more changes in our lives that will lead us to something spectacular.


Begin by choosing *beginner* a week or *advanced* a month where you can dedicate yourself to the following:

Say, “Yes!” to everything.

Of course there are some exceptions to this commitment such as crimes, giving away your things, or breaking previous promises. But the overall idea is to actively embrace new opportunities.

If you’re a person who normally stays in on a Friday night, invite a friend or colleague out for a trivia or game night. Or if you like to be surrounded by others, go on a date with yourself. Try new foods and sign up for an art class or a sports league. Say, “Yes!” to the invites you’d normally turn down and go to local places you’ve never been before. Take this time as an opportunity to see what you’re really made of. How far will you go into the unknown?


It will feel uncomfortable at first when you travel outside of your comfort zone. But hopefully you’ll discover as the week or month goes on that it becomes easier and more exciting to do! Once you push your boundaries, you’ll see how easily they break. Because when you face your fears, they can no longer scare you.

The goal is to eventually see all of our challenges and choices with a more adventurous attitude. Then we can venture into the unknown with more confidence and certainty because we’ve been there before.

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