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“It does not matter what you do. What matters is how you do it –of your own accord, with your own vision, with your own love.” – The Book of Understanding

Why don’t we share our true selves with others?

We live in a time when nearly everyone has the ability to share their thoughts and beliefs with a world audience. Whether it’s a thousand or one hundred million views, people have a platform to use their influence to impact others -for better or worse. It doesn’t matter if the information is credible, it just has to seem believable or leading to an alluring lifestyle. 

Yet we are starting to experience the flaws in this system of projected perfection that doesn’t actually exist. We all want to be seen as our best self and living our best life. But when our reality doesn’t align with the perfection we see surrounding us -in everyday life and online- it causes us pain and envy. So why do we keep feeding into this competitive comparison system?


No matter who we are, deep down we all want to be accepted. We want to know that we matter to others and feel like we belong. Yet as humans with egos we also have the survival of the fittest instinct, which brings about competition. When we convey ourselves to others, especially to those we don’t know, it’s only natural that we want to display “the best”. In a way then we’ve put a filter on our lives. 

Whether it’s how we look, act, or speak, any time we change ourselves for the acceptance of others, it obstructs our true self. When we look at our friends, family, colleagues, and celebrities lives it’s through rose colored glasses. We need to be reminded that we all have pain, problems, and imperfections. No one has ideal perfection. So it’s time to understand that constantly comparing ourselves and our lives to anyone else’s is pointless and self-defeating.


We know that there’s no need to compare ourselves to anyone else’s body or beliefs because we are whole through our search for self-love. When we’ve embraced our personal power it becomes that much easier to quiet the noise of those around us. Then inside that quiet space we have an opportunity to find our true voice from within.

If others disagree it won’t affect us because we’re speaking from a place of inner understanding, which is stronger than their negativity or criticism. So when we share our thoughts and beliefs it’s our truth -the whole truth- and we’re not pretending to be anyone other than ourselves.

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