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List of Truth

It is never easy when it’s your turn to stand up and speak in front of the class. Nowadays it’s even harder to decide to stand and speak up for whatever cause you’re passionate about, because no matter what there’s always opposition. Yet there’s comfort in knowing that truth. There will always be someone who disagrees with you, but when you know yourself and your beliefs you should feel confident enough to vouch for them. 

So far on your Reunite with You journey you’ve identified various aspects of yourself, and now it’s time to look at how they come together to form who you are -and what you believe. Begin by making a list of what your truths are. Think about what your foundational, core beliefs are or what strong opinions you’re willing to protect. These can be truths about yourself, society, or how you see the world.

By determining what your truths are you’re choosing what’s important and essential to you. You shouldn’t feel the need to confront or threaten others for not having the same truths, because everyone is unique. Instead, realize that you’ve discovered your truth -your power- and nothing can take that away from you. Once you recognize that truth, then you’ve found your voice.

An example list of items that describe your core values, views, and beliefs

Social Media Challenge

It’s easy to get caught up in the online world which can feel more necessary and appealing than the real one. Social media isn’t going away, but neither will its side-effects. Instead of using it to stay connected and build like-minded communities, it’s helped enhance judgment and comparison. But there are a couple of ways to change the way you use and perceive social media. The goal is to make sure you’re using it as a positive tool in your life so that each time you leave you feel the same or better -not constantly worse.

*Beginner* One challenge is to go through all of your accounts and purge! Look at the accounts of people, companies, and influencers that you’ve been meaning to unfollow. Then continue by removing anyone that makes you feel bad about yourself, is generally negative, or doesn’t align with your interests anymore. Just by completing this step, the next time you check social media you’ll be surrounded by more positivity.

*Advanced* Another challenge is to limit your time on social media altogether. You can start small by checking them only once a day, then you can gradually decrease the time until you’re checking it only once a week -social media Saturday! Perhaps set a reminder or restriction on your device to help you create a routine. Decide what works for you so that you’re successful and it can turn into a habit. The less time and energy you feed into others, the more you’ll have to focus on yourself.

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