“The answers to the nature of reality, the intimate knowledge of All That Is that you all seek, is within your present experience. It will not be found outside of yourselves, but through an inner journey into yourself, through yourself and through the world that you know.” – Seth Speaks

Why should you connect with your inner self?

One thing humanity has in common is that we’re all discovering what it means to be a human. Every stage in our lives is new to us. So we look up to our parental figures and the generations above us to determine what a successful human being is and does. The ironic part comes when we reach those stages in life and realize that they actually didn’t have it figured out either. We’re all just trying to survive and learn as we go -some are just better at it!

Life isn’t a game with an instruction manual, yet we treat it as such. It’s been bred into us to search outside of ourselves to find answers. Whether it’s school, religion, government, or those older than us, we rarely take the opportunity to quiet the noise outside of us and search for what’s inside instead. If we did, we’d realize that we can find the answers we’re searching for.


Often it seems that the answers we’re searching for are linked to our stage in life and what’s considered desirable. It’s common to think that when we achieve our life goals we’ll finally be happy and fulfilled. Yet many times we still aren’t. The saying goes that money can’t buy happiness, but many times even reaching the milestones of our lives don’t quite fulfill us. Is it because we still haven’t reached “it” yet? Or because there’s still more that we want? Or perhaps we still feel like there is something that’s missing. It’s something that we might not be able to communicate because we don’t know what it is, but we feel unsatisfied without it.

If we spend our time and energy focusing solely on the needs and desires of our mind and body, then we end up ignoring other aspects of our humanity. Many people agree that humans are comprised of the mind, body, and spirit. So in order to find the fulfillment we’re searching for we need to acknowledge and find balance between all three of them.


When we search inside of ourselves we’re integrating all aspects of our mind, body, and spirit. But many of us haven’t utilized these aspects as equally. Sometimes it’s due to fear, ignorance, or denial of their existence. We tend to follow the societal guidelines of those before and around us, so it’s understandable that we’re not all contemplating or discovering our multifaceted selves. Yet if we ignore one aspect we end up creating an internal divide. Then no matter what we do we’ll only be fulfilling one part of us -not our whole being. Thus whatever goal, dream, or purpose we have for ourselves won’t necessarily bring us complete fulfillment.

If we hope to find the missing piece to feel complete, then we need to discover our inner spirit and reconnect it with our mind and body. Once we embody this balance we’ll have the chance to truly listen to our inner selves and discover the answers we’ve been searching for.

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