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The Timeless Trio

Just as you can’t have Ron and Hermione without Harry, or Luke and Leia without Han, you can’t have mind and body without spirit. Sure they can pair up on their own, but their true power comes when they’re all working together. Each part of the trio has a role to play and without one they’re not as strong of a team -they’re incomplete. So in order to create the strongest, most complete version of yourself, you need to incorporate your mind, body, and spirit equally. This practice asks you to assess each aspect individually to see what brings it joy so that you can fully engage with all three. 


Begin by making a list with three sections for MindBody, and Spirit. Then contemplate the things you do for each one and write it down under the correlated category. Think about what you do in your down time to release stress or make you smile. Listening to your daily podcast counts as a mental practice because you’re learning new information. Watching funny videos can be a type of spiritual engagement as it lifts your spirits. Think outside the box and consider even the smallest of things you do that make you happy.

Only add activities that you do on a regular basis, not something you’ve only done once. It may help to take a week and add to your list throughout. The goal is to get a baseline of what you’re actively engaging with in order to see how well-rounded you are. Perhaps you notice that you have twice as many body activities as mind ones. Or maybe you only have two spirit interests. Once you notice the areas that need some extra attention, consider how they can be improved upon. 

Start by thinking of little ways you can add more mind, body, and spirit into your life. If you need to increase your body engagement, perhaps you begin your day with 5 minutes of stretching. Or dance to your favorite song when you come home from school or work. You can incorporate more mind activities just by brushing your teeth with the opposite hand. You could also take a new route to work or the store. And if your spirit section needs improvement you can spend more quality time with those you love or look up daily inspirational quotes. 


There are so many different ways to incorporate mind, body, and spirit into your daily routine that don’t require much additional effort. But by taking a little extra time in your day to appreciate all aspects equally you’ll be more fulfilled in the long run. When you tend to your mind, body, and spirit you can achieve a sense of inner balance, which gives you better insight into who you are. Once this happens you’ll know what you need in life to keep you completely and contentedly balanced.

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