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Write it Out

Doubt can stem from fear, lack of confidence, distrust, or anxiety. So when we’re stuck in a spiral of doubt it feels hopeless because there’s no end in sight. There’s so much in the world that’s out of our control, thus it can seem like we have no control. But when we remember that we can choose our beliefs, thoughts, and actions, we regain control over ourselves. 

Since we can only control ourselves, we can also control our doubt -and turn it into faith. Use the following practice when you find yourself caught up in your mind over something in the past or overthinking the future.


When the mind is stuck in the cycle of thinking, doubting, doing, and overthinking, it’s difficult to intervene and go from thinking to doing. The goal of the practice is to learn to stop second guessing yourself. Begin by grabbing a notebook or open a note on your phone. Then when there’s too much going on in your mind or you can’t find clarity, open your notebook or phone and just write it out. Put down all of your unfiltered thoughts, all of the worst-case scenarios, and all of your fears keeping you in doubt.

Writing out your inner thoughts gives you control over them. When you express your fears and anxieties about a situation it helps you recognize and address their tangibility. Although you can’t see or touch them, the doubt that runs through your mind is real. Thus it has real life consequences. You can’t change what happens in your life, only how you respond to it. By contemplating your doubts and the worst-case scenarios, you can acknowledge it and then let it go. All you can do is make a choice and see how it plays out. Then whatever happens next, you can approach it with confidence instead of doubt.


Doubt will only keep you trapped in the past or the future. Because when you make a decision it’s in the moment -now. Don’t let doubt control you and influence your choices. Instead, when in doubt write it out!

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