Highs and Lows


Highs & Lows

Visualization is a method used to help people achieve their desired outcomes. The purpose is to obtain something in the future by imagining that you already have it now. Before anything is created it’s a simple thought first. By visualizing your desires you’re one step closer to achieving them. 

Returning to your past is part of the Reunite with You journey, so when you utilize a visualization you aren’t just envisioning the future. The goal is to remember your genuine sense of self and bring it into the present moment. From there, picture or feel how you can integrate your identity so that it follows you into the future. 

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Is there a hole in your heart? One that formed from the many heartaches and heartbreaks in your life? Find a comfortable position to relax in as you think back on your life. Take some time to look inside and see how all of the pain, sorrow, and disappointment has settled into your heart. It may have started as a simple crack, but overtime the pressure grew as more pain piled on -causing the crack to split.

Remember the low moments of your past, from childhood until now. Visualize each moment of misery as a rock and throw it into a pile. As the pain grows bigger, so do the rocks. Continue recalling these memories and keep adding to the pile until the tension is too high that it collapses on itself. See your pile of pain caving in and breaking through the ground below. 

Now, imagine yourself walking over to where your pain pile once stood and peer into the pit. Notice how deep it goes. Shine a light or shout into the hole and observe the magnitude of your accumulated pain. This is how low you can go -how deep your despair can drown you. When you sink into sadness, this is where you end up.

Take a moment to soak this in.


Now that you’ve visualized the lowest of your low, it’s time to envision its inverse. While your heartbreak hole is still exposed, glance down and consider why each rock was so painful. Since you gave into your grief by throwing each rock onto the pile, you’ve demonstrated that those emotions affected you. So in your moments of pain, what do you wish had happened? What reaction did you want instead?

Each moment of pain was an opportunity for kindness, reassurance, or understanding. As deeply as you opened up to pain, you were capable of opening up to love. Imagine if you had received the response you desired. Wouldn’t it had filled you up? Once you consider this, you can visualize your hole of heartbreak being inverted and filled to the brim with pebbles of fulfillment instead.

The depths of your pain show you the height of your happiness. So when you find yourself trapped in your hole of heartbreak, remember that you can flip it and find your mountain of love. Envision yourself climbing out and rising above your pain. You can still look down and appreciate how far you’ve come, but you’ll be standing on higher ground surrounded by the love and support you deserve.

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