Eye of the Storm

storm visualization storm visualization storm visualization

Visualization is a method used to help people achieve their desired outcomes. The purpose is to obtain something in the future by imagining that you already have it now. Before anything is created it’s a simple thought first. By visualizing your desires you’re one step closer to achieving them. 

Returning to your past is part of the Reunite with You journey, so when you utilize a visualization you aren’t just envisioning the future. The goal is to remember your genuine sense of self and bring it into the present moment. From there, picture or feel how you can integrate your identity so that it follows you into the future.

Top down view of a tsunami storm over land and water

Find the Center of the Storm

Is there something in your life right now that feels out of control? Are you surrounded by people or expectations that are overwhelming? Do you sometimes just want an escape from it all? Use this visualization to find your calm center in the eye of life’s storm.

Begin by visualizing yourself sitting or standing in an outdoor setting that relaxes you. You can be seated high on a mountain overlooking the land below, standing in a lush field of your favorite flowers, or sitting on warm sand watching waves crash onto the shore. Take a moment to picture the sights, smells, and sounds in detail in order to fully immerse yourself. As your outdoor “happy place” unfolds in your mind, close your eyes and take deep but gentle breathes through your nose and mouth. You may begin to feel calm and centered, but what happens when chaos enters?

Continue to imagine yourself in your peaceful place, but now add in some of life’s troubles and turmoil. Recall an argument you had with your partner, an inappropriate gesture from a stranger, or being undervalued at school or work. Think about the things in your life that add onto or create more chaos. Visualize your worries, painful situations, and overwhelming expectations coming together to create the storm in your life. Envision this storm surrounding you in your peaceful place and notice what changes. How do you feel now? Do you feel suffocated and anxious or can you find the eye of the storm?


It’s natural to feel overwhelmed when the chaos of life surrounds you -especially if it’s 24/7. There’s no off switch to stop the storm, but every storm has an eye. Here you can always find your calm center. Go back to your initial visualization of your outdoor happy place. Remember that this place is you without any external judgments or expectations. Without any anger, fear, or anxiety. So when life’s chaos begins to surround you know that you can always return to your center. 

When you learn to live in this calm center you can begin to let go. During moments of frustration, disappointment, or distress, you start to realize that people can only affect your inner space if you allow them to. You don’t need their apology, pity, or an explanation. All of the negativity in your life is just the storm swirling around you while you’re free to find calmness in the eye of the storm.

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