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Pick Positivity

Do you ever wake up and immediately feel burdened by the day ahead of you? Have you struggled to find reasons to keep pushing forward? Are you only living for the weekends? If any of these thoughts apply to you, know that you’re not alone. Many of us face these pessimistic problems daily. But there is a solution! We can pick positivity.

As simple as it sounds, the easiest way to feel good is by feeling good. Our energy is under our control. So when we wake up each day, dream about our future, or look for direction in life, we can choose the feelings that accompany these actions. This change of mindset is inspired by the Law of Attraction which influences what we invite into our lives. Thus when we’re aware that there’s a choice, we can actively pick positivity.


For *beginner* a week or *advanced* a month, turn your attention inward and notice how easily or often your emotions are affected by external situations. Then instead of letting your pain, fear, or anger grow and control you, allow love, hope, and gratitude to take over. Instead of being quick to negativity, why not choose positivity? For additional support, try the Let it Go, Open Mind & Heart, or Hear and Heal practices to gain inner peace.

Another option for this positivity practice is to simply embody positive emotions daily. When you’re eating breakfast, taking a walk, or buying groceries, you can emulate positive energy. You can choose to be filled with warm, loving emotions that make you feel good instead of negativity, or nothing at all.

“Tap into your desired feelings and walk around with those emotions emanating from your energy field. Let these feelings of joy and desire support you in co-creating what you truly want to call into your life.”The Universe Has Your Back

This positivity practice may seem counterintuitive, but take a moment to consider how emotional energy is created. For most people, emotional responses are created by our interactions with objects and other people. Whether it’s joy, sorrow, or frustration, we are constantly being influenced by external experiences. So what if we chose to influence ourselves through internal experiences? 

It may take time develop, but hopefully you’ll soon see that your emotions and reactions to the outside world don’t have to control your inner world. By tuning into our own emotional energy, we become the creators of our reality because we choose how we want to perceive it. Then nothing and no one can negatively impact you without your awareness again.

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