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“While we are here, where is it that we are absent from?” – Eternal Echoes

Is there more to being human?

Have you ever wondered if there’s more to this life? If there’s something bigger than us? Many people believe there is and that we’re accountable to whatever that is. Others have no desire to believe or consider such things as they can only trust their actuality. Either way, whatever we believe in dictates how we view the world around us and how we view “the afterlife”. Thus it becomes a religious matter.

Yet more and more of us are reluctant to label our beliefs as religious. Instead, people are considering beliefs as part of their spirituality because it allows them to create their own relationship with the universe. No matter what we believe -whether it’s all or nothing- spirituality can encompass it. Still, the topic of spirituality continues to be devalued and dismissed by those who are religious, as well as those who aren’t. Even though spirituality is, at its core, our own personal belief system, people still fight against it without attempting to understand it. Many of us can only believe in what we see while others have faith in what they can’t. So how can spirituality encompass both?


Think back to a moment when you experienced something that couldn’t be explained or a strange coincidence. Maybe it was seeing your mom’s favorite bird land outside your window after she died. Perhaps your favorite song from long ago keeps playing on the radio. Or you always see the clock when it’s 11:11. Assume for a moment that these aren’t just coincidences or things that can’t be explained. Perhaps they are meaningful connections trying to show us that something exists beyond us. Although there are those who will still be unable to view these moments as something more, isn’t it more wondrous to believe that it is?

There is still so much about our world and universe that we don’t, or can’t, ever know. So isn’t it just as presumptuous of us to assume that we know what can or can’t exist beyond us? If we choose to look at synchronistic events in our lives as more than just random accidents, then perhaps we can connect with the “something” that’s beyond us.


When we decide to connect to our spirituality we can also choose the way in which we do so. As we are unique individuals we all relate in different ways. Some people choose to meditate or practice yoga, while others write, talk, or use their dreams to communicate. And some just enjoy receiving meaningful signs. We have the power to choose how to identify with our spirituality and what’s meaningful to us.

For some only seeing is believing. So even though everyone has the ability to connect many won’t believe or think that they can. What’s important is that we keep our mind and heart open to all the possibilities of the universe. Because if we’re here, where is it that we’re not? If we have the ability to connect with any piece of “where we’re not”, shouldn’t that be a risk worth taking? It’s a chance to experience something beyond our humanity and reunite with another piece of the universe. A piece of us.

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