coincidence or a connection practice coincidence or a connection practice coincidence or a connection practice

“There are four key factors that describe most signs: the Sign itself, the sense of Knowing you get when you see it, the Timing of it, and the Reassurance you feel as a result.” - You Can't Make This Stuff Up

Synchronistic Signs

Have you ever wondered if something was more than just a coincidence? When it happens so perfectly and at just the right moment that there’s practically no reasonable explanation. But what if there was? These out of the ordinary objects or events that occur may seem irrelevant and pointless to some. But what if you chose to see them as a helpful hint or a sign that you’re headed in the right direction? Perhaps these coincidences are actually connections that can help encourage and comfort you as you journey through life.

When you start to see coincidences as a purposeful sign, you’re allowing for the unexpected and impossible to become known. You’re acknowledging that there’s more to life than meets the eye. This practice asks you to keep an open mind as you choose your meaningful sign and begin looking for it in your everyday life.


Before you decide what you want your sign to be, think about any synchronistic signs that already exist in your life. Do you always see the same repeating number combination? Or do you consistently find the same type of coin in random locations? Perhaps you keep seeing the same motto or quote on various items and in different settings. If there are already signs prevalent in your life that you recognize or attribute a special meaning to, hold onto them. 

For those without a specific sign, the next step is to think about something that’s simple but personal to you. Consider your favorites: number, color, flower, symbol, quote, etc. You can even combine some of these to help make it less generic and more specific to you. For example, a purple heart, three roses, or a rising sun. The sign could also be a specific song, seeing a particular bird, or noticing the clock at the same time. But whatever it is, the sign should have some significance to your life. The goal is to create a sign that isn’t obvious or common in your everyday life, but still one that you would notice.

Once you’ve created your special sign, for *beginner* a month or *advanced* a year focus some energy on your sign every day and see what happens. It could take a little while before you notice your sign, but there’s no need to rush or force it. Just know that when the timing is right and when you truly need it the sign will be shown to you. It might not appear the way you think or in the way you want, but with time, energy, and dedication your sign will grow stronger and more synchronistic.


No matter the sign, you’ll know it’s significant because of the way it makes you feel the moment you see it. It brings a sense of comfort and security because the energy you put out into the world is coming back to you. When you truly believe that your sign is meant for you, anytime it appears it reconfirms its significance. No one else has to know about or believe in your sign, only you do.

"Be afraid of the enormity of the possible" quote on a neon sign

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