Choice or Chance?


Being one with life is being one with Now. You then realize that you don’t live your life, but life lives you. Life is the dancer, and you are the dance.” – A New World

Is our future in our hands?

Manifestation or destiny, control or coincidence, active or passive? What role do we all play in shaping the future in favor of our hopes and dreams? Do we take over the steering wheel or sit back and relax? The root of these questions are really just asking if life’s destination is pre-determined or if we have some say in where we end up and what happens along the way.

It’s a question many of us ask throughout our lives. Due to our philosophical and/or religious beliefs the answers tend to vary. Some of us believe in a destined plan where the events in our lives are out of our hands. Thus we don’t need to question or figure out the reasoning behind them. It is what it is and we’ll be where we’re meant to be. While others believe that we have partial or complete control over what we bring into our lives. Therefore we can shape the outcome of events which ultimately affects our future.

What we believe -manifest or destiny- influences how we see the events of our lives, so is there an unbiased answer to this question?


While there may not be any ultimate truths, there can still be relative truths that apply to the majority of us. Perhaps understanding how we influence the course of our lives is one of them? The relative truth may be that we need and can use both manifestation and destiny throughout our lives. It just depends on what we need most at that time.

We should use whatever mindset works for us in order to keep us motivated and hopeful. Because ultimately what matters is our belief. The belief that good things will happen and brighter days are on the horizon. That there’s a reason to keep to moving forward. Once we believe that there’s nothing for us in the future we become passive, regress, and, worst of all, give up on life. In this mindset there is no reason to believe in manifestation or destiny because the future is meaningless -worthless.

While none of us can know what our future holds, it’s the belief that “better” and “happier” times await us that motivates us to do whatever we can to make that a reality. But the path to our desired futures can’t be built or walked upon in any other time than right now. Whether we’re creating it, following it, or reluctantly being pulled along it, the future is built one day at a time.


When we ask whether or not the future is in our hands, we’re really asking who has the control -the power- in life. Many of us want to feel in control, so we attempt to manipulate situations in order to “manifest” the outcome we think we deserve. Yet others are terrified of making a mistake that ruins their life. They relinquish all sense of control in order to passively accept whatever happens. Power is what ends up controlling us and our decision making. But what if it didn’t have to?

Since the future solely exists as a thought in our minds, we can only control how we feel about that thought. Therefore the power of the future lies in our minds. It’s up to us to decide how we interact with and express that belief right now, in this moment. The only time we ever have. We can choose to have a positive relationship with the future that’s fueled by thoughts of meaningful manifestations and destined discoveries. Or we can simply surrender to what is happening right now and not think or worry about what the future holds.

Essentially we are where we are and we’ll be where we’ll be. The future will come -good and bad- no matter what. True power comes from accepting our fate whether or not we had any control or choice in it.

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