Visualization is a method used to help people achieve their desired outcomes. The purpose is to obtain something in the future by imagining that you already have it now. Before anything is created it’s a simple thought first. By visualizing your desires you’re one step closer to achieving them. 

Returning to your past is part of the Reunite with You journey, so when you utilize a visualization you aren’t just envisioning the future. The goal is to remember your genuine sense of self and bring it into the present moment. From there, picture or feel how you can integrate your identity so that it follows you into the future.

The following visualization can be used whenever you feel out of alignment with yourself and your worth. Take 5-15 minutes to remember and reconnect with the true inner you.

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“Say or think “I Am” and add nothing to it. Be aware of the stillness that follows the I Am.” - A New World

Begin by finding a comfortable position in a peaceful place where you feel most at ease. You can sit, stand, or lie down, just make sure you’re able to stay awake and aware. Once you’re settled, begin to deepen your breathe. Really listen and notice the air coming into and out of your nose and/or mouth. What does it feel like, taste like, sound like? Do other parts of your body tighten or relax? Spend a few minutes or about 10-15 long, deep breathes just noticing your breathing and how it affects your mind and body.


There’s no need to rush the relaxation phase, but once you’re satisfied with how you’re feeling -hopefully calm and connected- it’s time to center on your inner self. Continue to breathe naturally -no defined pattern- but do your best to deepen each breath that you take. Relax your facial muscles, drop your shoulders, and lean into the breaths going in and out of your body.

Now, close your eyes and envision yourself as you are right now. See yourself sitting or laying as you are, in the place that you chose. Take a few breaths to enhance this image or feeling in your mind. This might cause even more awareness of your body and increase any physical sensations. Don’t fight this feeling. The intent is to create a full body connection so that you can really feel the totality of who you are -mind, body, and spirit. If your mind and body are relaxing in sync, the communication and connection has begun.

Continue to visualize yourself in your mind as you repeat out loud or in your head, “I am”. As you say, “I am”, envision your entire body lighting up from a glowing ember in the center of your body. This light is what each breath flows into and out of, thus creating a steady, pulsating glow. But each time you say, “I am”, visualize the light intensifying and spreading out to envelop your entire body. Make sure to pause between each “I am” in order to feel the depth and strength of what that means. Like the light, you are an ever glowing ember that can intensify your flame. All it takes is remembering your inner power and re-centering on the truth that “I am”, and that’s always enough.

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