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"No" Challenge

It can be difficult to actively choose yourself and your happiness over someone else’s, because it’s not something we’re taught how or expected to do. To help see the difference between being selfish and self-interested, you’re going to learn how to set your limits and boundaries so that you can feel confident saying “No” when you can’t, or don’t want to, help with something. You can also learn to compromise by deciding what you are willing to do and making the choice yours.

One of the best ways to learn is by doing, so the goal is to practice for either a day *beginner* or a week *advanced* saying, “No” when you would normally give in and say, “Yes”. When a friend, co-worker, family member, or stranger asks something of you that you deeply, truly can’t or don’t want to do use your, “No”.

However, when you say, “No” make sure it’s with openness and honesty. You could always lie your way out of the situation, but you aren’t trying to make an excuse. At this point on your Reunite with You journey you’ve explored through your beliefs, your strengths, and your weaknesses, so you should begin to feel some confidence in who you are. This is all you need to create and define your personal boundaries. You will know when a request for your help will do you more harm than the other person good. The more often you use your, “No” the more you’ll appreciate its power and use it reasonably.

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