Who Am I?

Am I only my thoughts and experiences? Or am I simply the image and emotion that appears when people think about me? Who am I beyond how I affect the world around me? Am I just a single piece of the puzzle -an insignificant cog in a wheel?


I am more than my mind, more than my relationships, and more than a societal pawn. So, really, who’s to say who any of us are?! Because who we are is built upon years of personal discovery, struggle, and growth. Thus we don’t need to open ourselves up to interpretation in order to gain acceptance.

You are who you say you are, just as I am who I say I am. And who I am is someone who’s always had something to say, but never had the space to say it. Until now…


My story is mine to tell, but it’s not mine to own. It also belongs to those who’ve contributed to and helped write it. Yet in some way or another we’re all responsible for influencing one another’s story. Every action has a ripple effect that travels farther than we know. So really, this is a story about how the world has shaped me. Thus it belongs to everyone, including you!


I don’t have a sappy story or some dramatic moment in my life that made me “wake up” or tune into my spiritual side. My story’s always been there, I just never owned it. I’ve always been the nice, quiet girl who people liked or left alone. So I never found the need to rock the boat. Yet there was always a voice inside of me that longed to be set free. I was just too afraid to let it out.


I’d love to tell you that my transformation happened overnight, but growth takes time. It wasn’t until I was on my own that I finally started listening to the voice inside my head that said, “I deserve to feel better”. And I began to believe and act on it.

Little by little and step by step, I laid the foundations to support myself from the inside out. It’s taken me nearly 10 years to build up and feel worthy of my self-love and confidence. While there are still setbacks, they remind me that I’m a work in progress. But I’ve got time -my entire life- to work on myself. So what’s the rush? 

As long as I’m trying, I’m succeeding.


Which is why I’m here, telling you my story. There’s no conclusion or last chapter to spoil. The answers you’re looking for are found within the story, not in some final words of wisdom. Yet it took writing my own story to finally figure out the answers for myself. 

So my wish for you is this: find the hidden lessons and wisdoms of your story. Only you have the insight and ability to answer your biggest questions. The answers have been inside of you all along, they just need to be revealed.

So, who am I? I’m a person, just like you, who found a way to navigate this curious and crazy world which brought me closer to who I really am. And who I really am is someone who wants to share what I’ve learned so that you can do the same.

I’m sick of sitting and surrendering to “the way it is”.

I am Keelan

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Hello there! My name is Keelan and I recently moved to Sweden with my husband. Since uprooting my life I’ve been able to “start over” and rediscover my passions. 

Reunite with You is a culmination of my backgrounds in psychology and philosophy, as well as many years of introspection and self-growth.

In my free time I enjoy practicing yoga, learning how to bake, and taking walks by the lake. But I’m always looking for new ways to quiet my mind, stay in the moment, and appreciate the little things in life!

I keep looking towards the future yet all I have is now.

Who do you want to be? Where do you envision your life taking you? Dare to dream as you enter Kee’s Corner.

You are invited to dive deeper into the mind behind Reunite with You. Discover the depths of her world-view as she opens the doors of her journey towards self-love and empowerment.

Join Keelan as she unveils how she changed her outlook on, thus her experience of, life for the better. She openly shares insights from firsthand experiences to express how she altered her perception in order to choose positivity over pain.

Explore and absorb the lessons she’s learned the hard way so that you don’t have to. Then perhaps you’ll gain a new perspective that can help shift the way you see yourself and live your life.

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Confusion to Confidence Coaching

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