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Remember the real you and recreate your reality

Have you ever wanted to wake up to a new and wonderful life?


Do you fear that you’re stuck and nothing will ever change?

Then you’ve come to the right place . . .


The purpose of Reunite with You is what you decide it to be. It’s a place for those of us who are tired of the way things are in the world and are ready to envision life the way it should be. It involves a process of truly questioning who you are so that one day there will be a community of people all over the globe who know their purpose and will use it to transform their lives -and the world- for the better.
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You can’t fix the past, you can only change the now and inspire the future.


Begin the reuniting process by exploring through a variety of quick to read article topics. You can start with the foundational “12-Step Self Challenge” to discover what you really know about yourself, or choose a subject that intrigues you. Be ready and willing to question everything you think you know . . . 

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Once you’ve completed an article you’ll be given a few options as to how you can embody its message. These recommended practices describe how you can integrate personal awareness into your daily life. The more you practice, the closer you’ll be to realizing and materializing what you want to achieve.

This process isn’t a sprint, it’s a journey, thus it may become tiring. We can all benefit from some extra motivation so feel free to utilize the suggested resources as needed. There are mantras, meditations, visualizations, and quotes to help you stay centered and relaxed as you embark on this meaningful journey.


So far on your Reunite with You journey you’ve confronted and overcome numerous personal hurdles and roadblocks. Now it’s time to take the self awareness you’ve gained and turn it into external actualization. Get ready to seek stillness, connect intentions to reactions, make conscious choices, and build beliefs that will create the future of your dreams. Starting now!

Don't take what you're willing to leave behind.

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The mission is not only to read but to take an active role in your life. Stop letting those around you decide your life for you and take back control. The first step is deciding to be open to change, then try! Explore through the articles, practices, and motivations to see what sparks interest and joy inside of you. There is no right or wrong way, simply do. If you keep an open mind and heart you’ll be amazed at what’s inside when you reunite with you.

Discover the Mind Behind Reunite with You

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Confusion to Confidence Coaching

Are you curious about how to implement concrete change in your life? Then check out Coach Keelan’s Confusion to Confidence life coaching courses. Learn how to thrive in trying times by swapping chaos with certainty.



Once you find your light it’s imperative to share it, otherwise it can fade when left on its own. When you join the RWY community you’re adding your light to the growing fire that’s spreading throughout the world. By uplifting one another on our journey’s we can help outshine the dark and brighten the night instead.

This is something we can’t do alone. We need each other to learn and grow, so by sharing our insights and experiences we can evolve that much quicker. The more RWY grows the more support and guidance we can offer. Comments and feedback are greatly appreciated through any of the options below.

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Thank you all for your time and energy. it's all we really have and should be used to invest in you!